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Petula Clark is Sharon

      She has a provocative, down-to-earth prettiness. She's the Number One international singing star. She has a real talent for romantic comedy. And that is what Petula Clark is doing starred in "Finian's Rainbow."
      The Warner Bros. Seven Arts musical is Petula's first American motion picture. Up to now she's been best known over here for the happy throb that she puts into tunes like "Downtown" and "This is My Song."
      As Sharon, the spirited daughter of Finian, Petula turns that voice loose on some of the most singable songs that ever came out of a hit Broadway show. Among them are "How are Things in Glocca Morra?" "That Old Devil Moon," "Look to the Rainbow" and "If This Isn't Love."
      She is also pursued by a leprechaun and romanced by a rugged young wanderer with a guitar. Best of all, as Petula sees it, is the dancing with Fred Astaire. Petula is not a newcomer to the screen. In her native England she's made 25 movies, the first when she was just twelve. Her singing career started three years before that, when she was starred on the BBC. She cut her first record at 17. While still in her teens, she became a singing favorite of the Continent and travelled throughout Europe. Petula's success is in a class by itsself. In recent years, she has had the Number One record in England, France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Holland--and, of course, the United States. Today she is America's top-selling girl recording star. "This is My Song"
sold a phenomenal 100,000 records here in one week.
      Petula's appeal cuts right through the conventional audience boundaries. She is a darling of the teenagers, the post-teenagers and the post-post teenagers. That is to say, everyone loves her.
      The only thing small about Petula is her height--five feet, one inch, as if that mattered. The eyes that do all that dancing are a mixture of blue and grey. Her husband is French, their two young children are girls.
      Petula didn't have to bone up on the scores of "Finian's Rainbow." One of her old singing favorites is Ella Logan, and Ella, you may recall, starred as Sharon in the original Broadway show.
-Finian's Rainbow program

The London Premiere

Petula with her husband Claude Wolff arriving at the premiere of the new musical "Finian's Rainbow" Thursday, 10 October, 1968 at the Odeon, Marble Arch, London. Petula is the leading lady in the film and other stars are Tommy Steele and Fred Astaire.

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