Come on Home
Recording Session

  • Come on Home
  • Killing Me Softly
  • Until It's Time for You to Go

In the spring of 1974, while appearing at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Petula recorded three of the tracks destined to appear on the COME ON HOME album. With her talented trio of backup singers Beverly Hanshaw, Linda Lawley and Margaret Dorn on the backing vocals, Petula recorded Come on Home, Killing Me Softly and Until It's Time for You to Go. All three songs were orchestrated by Petula's long-time musical director, Frank Owens. Frank, who was conducting for her in Vegas at the time, arranged the desert session, and also borrowed the Caesar's Palace house "band"--aka the Nat Brandwynne orchestra--which he conducted, to provide the session music.

Linda Lawley, Margaret Dorn, Beverly Hanshaw and Petula