25 June, 1950
Blackpool Opera House
Blackpool, England
The Arnault Brothers, Edith Lewin, Lee Lawrence and PETULA CLARK.

23 July, 1950
Winter Gardens
Bournemouth, England
PETULA CLARK, Valetta Iacopi & Ronald Hill, Jack Byfield, Max Jaffa, Reginald Filbey

9 September, 1950
White Rock Pavillion
Hastings, England
Petula Clark, Kathleen Stobart

12 November, 1950
Gaumont State
Kilburn, England
Lineup: Petula Clark, Deep River Boys, Hazy Osterwald Sextet, Rex Ramer

19 November, 1950
Edmonton Regal
London, England
Lineup: Petula Clark, Joe Loss and his Orchestra, Sonny Farar, Semprini

26 November, 1950
Trocadero Cinema
London, England
Sunday Evening At The "Troc": A Series Of Fortnightly Presentations.
Petula Clark, Sonny Farrar, Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson


2 August, 1951
Opera House
Jersey, England
First celebrity to take part in Jersey's "Battle of the Flowers," heading parade procession. Over the Rainbow, My Resistance is Low, Chi-Chi, My Blue Heaven, This is My Mother's Day


6 February, 1952
Royal Albert Hall
Leicester, England
Harold Fielding's Festival Of British Radio
Headliner: Geraldo And His Concert Orchestra
Featuring: PETULA CLARK, Jill Day, Bob Dale
NOTE: Apparently this was the day King George VI died, so concert may have been rescheduled

17 February, 1952
De Montfort Hall
Leicester, England
PETULA CLARK, Harold Smart Quintet, Archie Lewis

31 March, 1952
Southend-on-Sea, England
The Jimmy Edwards Show
PETULA CLARK, Harriott & Evens, Daisy May, Allen Brothers & June, Skylons.

14 September, 1952
Opera House
Blackpool, England
PETULA CLARK, Erik Ogden & the Concert Orchestra, Harry Robbins, Roy Stevens, The Stargazers, The Hedley Ward Trio

22 September, 1952
The Floral Hall
Scarborough, England
PETULA CLARK, Cyrill Addison, Vic Hammett, Flotsam, Ann & Bobby Black, Kay Cavendish, Daisy May and Saven, Edmund Donlevy, Frank Cook,


15 October, 1953
Manchester, England
PETULA CLARK, Jimmy James, Jimmy Clitheroe, Trio Vedette, Sandow Sisters, Joy Harris, Roy Castle.


May 1954
Theatre Royal
Portsmouth, England UK
With Benny Hill, Wilson Keppell & Betty.

Unknown venue
Circa 1954.


31 July, 1955
Winter Garden
Weston-Super-Mare, England
Accompanied by Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson

21 August, 1955
Granada Theatre
Bedford, England


19 March, 1956
London Palladium
London, England
Tommy Trinder, Malcolm Vaughan, PETULA CLARK [with Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson,] Kenny Baker, The Stargazers, Winifred Atwell, David Whitfield, Alma Cogan

23 September, 1956
Blackpool Opera House
Blackpool, England
Deep River Boys, PETULA CLARK, Headly Ward Trio, Jack Simpson & All Star Supporting Artistes.


11 March 1957
Cheltenham, England
"All Star Variety Show"

8 April, 1957
Empire Theatre
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
PETULA CLARK, Ken Dodd, Joe "Mr Piano" Henderson. Three Martinis, Three Deuces,Brian Andro, Jimmy Edmundson, Donald B. Stuart

29 July - 3 August, 1957
Pavilion Theatre
Torquay, England
Music for the Millions
Britain's Own PETULA CLARK, Chic Murray & Maidie, Al Koran, Canfield Smith, Billy "Uke" Scott, The Blue Notes, Victor Seaforth, Marie de Vere Trio, Johnny & Suma LaMonte.

May 1957
Odeon Paignton
Devon, England

23 October, 1957
Olympia Theatre
Paris, France
French debut. Performed three songs.

Royalty Theatre
Chester, England

London Palladium
London, England
Theatre dressing room.


20 January-16 February, 1958
Palace Theatre
London, England
Frankie Vaughn - headliner
PETULA CLARK, Murray Campbell & the John Tiller Girls, Ugo Frediani, King Brothers Tony Fayne & David Evans, Bernard Miles, Nadia Nerina, The Skylons, Harry Worth

31 March - 4 April, 1958
Southend-on-Sea, England
Jimmy Edwards & PETULA CLARK, Harriott & Evans, Daisy May assisted by Saveen, The Twelve Joan Davis Dancers, Allen Bros & June, Judy Bruce, The Skylons, Tommy Godfrey.

9 June, 1958
Brighton, England
Variety At The Hippodrome
PETULA CLARK, Roy Castle, Cherry Wainer

7 July, 1958
Winter Gardens
Bournemouth, England

14 Jul 1958, 1958
South Parade Pier
Southsea, England
Harold Fielding's Music For The Millions
PETULA CLARK, Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson

21 July, 1958
Pier Pavilion
Llandudno, Wales
Harold Fielding's Music For The Millions
PETULA CLARK, Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson

4 August, 1958
The Capitol Theatre / Cinema
Aberdeen, Scotland
Harold Fielding's Music For The Millions
PETULA CLARK, Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson

18 August, 1958
Winter Gardens
Margate, Kent, England
Harold Fielding's Music For The Millions
PETULA CLARK, Joe 'Mr. Piano' Henderson

14 November, 1958
Alhambra-Maurice Chevalier
Paris, France
Henri Salvador, PETULA CLARK
Orchestre: Michel Legrand

2 December, 1958
Paris, France
Charles Aznavour, PETULA CLARK, Jacques Grello, Stephen Bruce, Jackie Lawrence


20 July, 1959
The Capitol Theatre / Cinema
Aberdeen, Scotland
Harold Fielding's Music For The Millions
PETULA CLARK, Ralph Dollimore at the piano
Sheila & Karen Roye, Vic Oliver, George Meaton, Barbour & Billie,

9 August, 1959
Pier Pavilion
Llandudno, Wales
A Harold Fielding Concert
PETULA CLARK, Semprini, Cherry Wainer

22 September, 1959
23 September, 1959
27 September, 1959
28 September, 1959
29 September, 1959
30 September, 1959
Granada Theatre, Kingston, England*
Granada Theatre, Dartford, England*
Granada Theatre, Rugby, England**
Granada Theatre, Aylesbury, England**
Granada Theatre, Maidstone, England**
Granada Theatre, Bedford, England**
PETULA CLARK, Don Lang, Tony Brent, Kent Walton
*Sid Phillips and his Band
**Humphrey Lyttleton and his Band

11 October, 1959
Brighton Palladium
Brighton, England
Sunday Night At The Brighton Palladium
Lonnie Donegan And His Skiffle Group, PETULA CLARK, Ted Heath And His Music

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