A Word of Advice for the Novice Collector

by Daniel Bédard

  • The 5 CDs released in late 1997 from PolyGram (now Universal) which cover all of Petula's albums when she was with Polydor. These 5 CDs cover from 1972 to 1975.
    Just Petula, I'm the Woman You Need, Come on Home, Live in London, Now

This 2-CD set was released by Zone Records in May of 2005. (Unfortunately, this recording is no longer in print. A used copy may be found either on eBay or Amazon.) This set consists of all of the French recordings that Petula did for CBS France between 1976 and 1979. This is worth getting if you enjoyed that era of Petula's career.

Here for You
Petula's 1998 album is a very contemporary album with some new songs and Broadway tunes.

  • The definitive hit collections:
    Downtown to Sunset Boulevard (USA), The Ultimate Collection (UK), Kaleidoscope (France), Kaleidoskop (Germany) and Mes plus grands succès ~ Les refrains de ma vie (Canada)

Live at the Paris Olympia (France)
This recording is available on the Silva Screen Records label. The tracks to this CD are from the performance that Petula gave at the Paris Olympia in September 2003

Since the middle 2000's there have been many Petula releases. Many songs that had been kept in the vaults of various record labels since the 70's and 80's were finally released onto CD format for our enjoyment. In more recent years Petula has gone into studios in Paris, London, and Montreal to record new songs either in English or French. Her most recent album was released in April of 2018, in French, and I think it is an album essential to any Petula Clark record collector. Here is a listing of these releases which came out after 2003 up to the present.

Varese Sarabande / USA / 302 066 791 2 / 2006
On this album you'll find duets with renowned international singers such as Dusty Springfield, Sacha Distel, Rod McKuen, Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, Perry Como, just to name a few.

Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Zone Records / UK / ZONE 1016 / 2007
This release includes all the English tracks that Petula recorded in the middle 70's when she was under contract with CBS/Sony Records. It includes never released before tracks and all the tracks from her English singles recorded for CBS/Sony Records.

Solitude & Sunshine
Stanyan Records / USA / ST07-100 / 2007
This is a collection of different songs from a variety of authors and composers, such as Jacques Brel and Léo Ferré. This album was produced by Rod McKuen.

In Her Own Write
Sepia / UK / SEPIA 8001 / 2007
This album is a compilation of different songs that Petula composed during the late 90's into the 2000's You'll find titles from Someone Like You among these tracks.

Open Your Heart
Collector's Choice / USA / CCM 2002 / 2009
Many of the tracks on this CD are from the era when Petula was under contract with and Polydor Records during the 70's.

This is Christmas
Collector's Choice / USA / CCM 2083 / 2009
This album includes Christmas song from different decades and a selection of holiday songs recorded specifically for this album.

Triple Best Of Petula Clark (Une Baladine)
Sony Music / France / 88697793442 / 2010
This is a 3-CD set in both English and French, starting from the 60&'s up to the 2000's. It also includesa few tracks in German and Italian. Some of the tracks are new to CD plus some tracks that were kept in the vaults of different record companies over the years which were never released before. This is a great compilation to have.

Sony/Vogue / France / 88691946552 / 2012
This album is a collection of new songs recorded in Paris. There are songs in French and in English, and a few duets. This album was meant for the French market

Lost in You
Sony / UK / 88763432592 / 2013
This album is a collection of new songs in English and one French song recorded in late 2012 in a small studio in London.

From Now On
BMG/Rights Management / UK / 5381969172 / 2016
This is a very good album with a few cover version such as Fever made famous by Peggy Lee and the Beatle's song, Blackbird.

Living for Today
BMG/Rights Management / USA / 5383506162 / 2017
This album is quite similar to the previous UK album "From Now On", except that two more tracks were added to this US release. Living for Today and The Rainbow.

Vu d'ici
Productions Martin Leclerc / Canada / PMLCD8878 / 2018
This is Petula's most recent album, released in April 2018. It's a French album, recorded in Montreal with an orchestra. The songs were all composed and written by Quebecois authors and composers. Most of the songs sound very modern and up-tempo. This album really sounds contemporary.