Achievement In Arts Award

"An Achievement Award!
Probably there's quite a lot out there like me wondering what is it exactly she's achieved. I've really just been living my life. In which case all of us should have one of these. Most of my life has been spent traveling around all over the world singing, playing, acting - with musicians, fellow actors, singers, technicians, backstage people and lighting and sound, producers, directors, and designers from every color and creed from all over the world and it's been great fun. I haven't noticed the time passing and I've enjoyed it immensely. I've learned an awful lot. Anyway I must say I'm still learning. Tonight on this very British stage with this wonderful applause I feel particularly British and very proud and happy to be so. I've known for some time that I've been blessed and I'm acutely aware of it tonight. I accept this with gratitude and I hope with grace."

- Petula Clark's speech on receiving an Achievement In Arts Award - London 1994.

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