The CBE Award

Petula Clark goes uptown to meet the queen
LONDON (CNN) -- Petula Clark joined a host of other entertainment personalities who were honored by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London on Tuesday July 22. Clark, who is scheduled to star in a new production of "Sunset Boulevard," record a new album in Los Angeles and embark on a U.K. mini-tour, was asked by the queen whether she was still in the entertainment business. Clark, whose number one hits include "Downtown," "My Love" and "This Is My Song" was honored by being made a CBE (Commander of the British Empire).

DAILY MAIL. 29th July 1998.
LAST week, Petula Clark went to Buckingham Palace to receive her much deserved CBE. She says the Queen told her that she had given so much pleasure over the years. Unfortunately, Her Majesty then asked "Are you still involved," which no doubt made Petula feel about 109 and murderous. She was singing professionally when she was seven and she was a movie star at 12. She's been performing for more than half a century and will work until she drops. Soon she opens in New York in a new production of Sunset Boulevard, in which she will be rarely off stage, will have endless changes of costume and will run up and down a giant staircase. Later this year she's recording an album in Los Angeles before doing a UK concert tour. Actors, like royalty, don't retire. Asking Miss Clark if she is still performing is a bit like asking the Queen if she's still reigning.
Lynda Lee Potter


ITN News 22 July 1998

On receiving the CBE Petula said to ITN News — "Something like this makes you realize that it is nice to be British".


Sky News Text 22 July 1998
     Entertainers Bruce Forsyth and Petula Clark are at Buckingham Palace to receive honours from the Queen.
    Game show host, Bruce 70, receives an OBE, while Petula 64, Britain's biggest selling female singer, who starred in Sunset Boulevard, gets a CBE


London Tonight (Regional News programme for London) 22 July 1998
On receiving the CBE, Petula told London Tonight: "The Queen said thank you for giving us all so much pleasure, then she said: 'are you still involved?' I had to think for a minute. . .what does she mean by that?: 'involved', with what? I suppose she meant work! I had to tell her what I had been doing and that I am going off to America in a couple of days time and that I'll be recording an album in LA."


Telegraph Thursday 23 July 1998
The singer Petula Clark was among show-business and sporting celebrities who were honoured by the Queen during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace yesterday.
Miss Clark, who was created a CBE, said that the Queen asked her if she was still in the entertainment business. Miss Clark, 64, who lives in Switzerland, said: "The Queen said to me that I had given so much pleasure over the years but then asked, 'Are you still involved?' I've had a great career and it's wonderful to receive an honour for something you enjoy doing so much - I just sing."
On Saturday, Miss Clark flies to New York where she is starring in a new production of Sunset Boulevard. Later in the year she is planning to record a new album in Los Angeles, as well as undertaking a short British tour.