The Songs of Tony Hatch
Released 29 July, 2002
Castle Music
1. Downtown - Clark, Petula
2. Trinity Street - Two Of Each
3. Sugar and spice - Searchers
4. From Suburbia - Hatch, Tony & Jackie Trent
5. Call me - Foundations
6. Don't sleep in the subway - Clark, Petula
7. Weaver - Pendulums
8. Where are you now - Trent, Jackie
9. Major to minor - Settlers (1)
10. Sign of the times - Clark, Petula
11. Run to me - Montanas
12. Colour my world - Two Of Each
13. Love found a way to my heart - Sands Of Time
14. I couldn't live without your love - Clark, Petula
15. All the way to heaven - Nicholls, Sue
16. Life and soul of the party - Page, Mally
17. You've got to be loved - Montanas
18. I know a place - Clark, Petula

19. Come on home - Prenosilova, Yvonne
20. You're the one - Cookies
21. Other man's grass is always greener - Clark, Petula
22. End of the line - Barry, Sandra


     Like Burt Bacharach had Dionne Warwick, Tony Hatch had Petula Clark: the singer who made Hatch's songs so thoroughly her own that covers -- and there have been dozens -- are simply superfluous. This handsomely packaged, beautifully remastered 26-song compilation contains nothing but the best of their many collaborations, from worldwide hits like "Call Me" and the immortal "Downtown," one of the greatest pop singles ever, to lesser-remembered gems like "There Goes My Love" and "Strangers and Lovers."
      In this collection, Hatch's ultra-sophisticated melodies and production sound as lustrous as ever, but other elements register as well. The humor of "Don't Sleep in the Subway" is dry and subtle, but the deeply bizarre "Las Vegas," which describes tourists losing everything they own among the town's attractions, sounds like Randy Newman at his most perverse. But foremost as always is Clark's simply perfect voice, elevating already remarkable songs like "Color My World," "Who Am I" and "I Couldn't Live Without Your Love" into the sublime. This collection is simply essential for all '60s pop fans.
--Stewart Mason
Alibi Weekly (Albuquerque, New Mexico)