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The Polygon Years 1949-55
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Recording session for "Blossoms on the Bough"

AUS - Australia
CAN - Canada
DEN - Denmark UK - United Kingdom
USA - United States

All recordings are 78 RPM, except as noted


Put Your Shoes On Lucy / There's A House In The Sky
Columbia DB2538 (UK) 6/1949
I'll Always Love You / Clancy Lowered The Boom
Columbia DB2551 (UK) 7/1949
You Go To My Head / Out Of A Clear Blue Sky
Esquire E1011 (AUS) /1949
Music, Music, Music / Blossoms on the Bough
Esquire E1012 (AUS) /1949
Silver Dollar / Talky, Talky, Talky
Esquire E1024 (AUS)
Melodi E5001 (DEN)
Rank FM-74 (UK) /1949
One sided test disc from " The Huggetts abroad."
It's Not for the Want of Trying
Rank FM-74 (UK) /1949
One sided test disc from "Don't ever Leave Me.


You Are My True Love / You're The Sweetest In The Land
Polygon P1002 (UK)
Esquire E1028 (AUS)

Melodi E5003 (DEN) 1/1950
Beloved Be Faithful / Fly Away Peter
Polygon P1003 (UK)
Tennessee Waltz / Sleepy Eyes
Polygon P1004 (UK)
Melodi E5008 (DEN) 1/1950
Teasin' / Black Note Serenade
Polygon P1005 (UK)
Esquire E1030 (AUS)
Sleepy Eyes / Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul
Esquire E1032 (AUS)
Two Lips (duet with Benny Lee) / Talkin' To Horses (Benny Lee Only)
Decca F9285 (UK) 1/1950
Who Spilt Coffee On The Carpet / Fly Away Peter
Polygon Test Pressing
Clickety-Clack / May Kway
Esquire E1029 (AUS)


May Kway / Clickety Clack
Polygon P1008 (UK)
Mariandl / Broken Heart (duets with Jimmy Young)
Polygon P1009 (UK)
Esquire E1036 (AUS)
That's How A Love Song Is Born / Cold Cold Heart
Polygon P1021 (UK)
Esquire E-1044 (AUS)
Tell Me Truly / Song Of The Mermaid
Polygon P1022 (UK)
Coral 60971 (USA)


The Card / It Had To Be You
Polygon P1043 (UK) 5/1952
A Boy In Love / Fly Away Peter
Polygon P1048 (UK) 9/1952
A Boy In Love
Radiola A069P (AUS) /1952
Petula on A side only.
Where Did My Snowman Go / Anytime Is Teatime Now
Polygon P1056 (UK)
Coral 61077 (CAN)
"Where Did My Snowman Go?" recording session
Where Did My Snowman Go / Three Little Kittens
Coral 61077 (USA) /1952


Made In Heaven / Temptation Rag
Polygon P1057 (UK)
Radiola A167P (AUS)
1/1953 - /1954
My Love Is A Wanderer / Take Care Of Yourself
Polygon P1063 (UK) 1/1953
Christopher Robin At Buckingham Palace / Three Little Kittens
Polygon P1072 (UK) 6/1953
Christopher Robin At Buckingham Palace / Three Little Kittens
Where did my Snowman Go? /Anytime is Teatime Now
Radiola A114P/A115P (AUS) /1953
Special 2-disc gift set with fold out cover and picture issued in Australia.
Now available from FAB-U-LUS as a special collector item on CD
Poppa Piccolino / The Who-is-it Song
Polygon P1082 (UK) 10/1953


The Little Shoemaker / Helpless
Polygon P1117 (UK)
Radiola A188P (AUS)
King 4287 (USA)
King 1371 (USA)
45 RPM 4/1954
Meet Me In Battersea Park / A Long Way To Go
Polygon P1121 (UK) 7/1954
Smile / Somebody
Polygon P1128 (UK)
Radiola A197P (AUS)
Christmas Cards / Little Johnny Rainbow
Polygon P1135 (UK) 10/1954
Majorca / Fascinating Rhythm
Polygon P1146 (UK)
Radiola A220P (AUS)
Media 1007 (USA)
12/1954 -/1955


Romance In Rome / Chee Chee oo Chee
Polygon P1164 (UK) 4/1955
Crazy Otto Rag / The Pendulum Song
Polygon P1169 (UK) /1955
Radiola A224P (AUS) 5/1955
The Pendulum Song / Romance in Rome
MGM 12049 (USA) /1955
45 RPM
How Are Things With You / Tuna Puna Trinidad
Polygon P1179 (UK) 8/1955
Suddenly There's A Valley / With Your Love
Pye Nixa N15013 (UK) 10/1955
78 RPM