The Films of Petula Clark
A Couteaux Tirés
(aka Daggers Drawn)

Released March 1964 [France]
                   September 1964 [UK]
Crime/Drama- 83 minutes

Five men embark on an ill-fated quest to retrieve a sunken Nazi horde of diamonds. Petula composed the all-instrumental soundtrack and appears as herself.

Françoise Arnoul ......
Petula Clark ......
Pierre Monday .......
Marcel Dalio ......
Daniel Ivernel ......

Robert Antonini
Von Gregor
Jean Mattei

  • Prends Garde a Toi
    (Petula Clark/Georges Aber)
  • Il N'a Chante Qu'un Soir
    (Petula Clark/Pierre Delanoe)

  • Written by: Charles Gérard & Pascal Jardin
  • Directed by: Charles Gérard

The film soundtrack was composed
by Petula and released as an EP.

  • ...Director Gérard has obviously seen a lot of American gangster movies and he brings off several favourite moments quite nicely: the casual murder in a railway sleeping compartment, the machine-gunning in a quiet cafe, or the man in a darkened room pointing a menacing revolver who turns out to be dead. That however, is about as far as the film goes. The acting is sound throughout, but the characterization is strictly two-dimensional, motivations are never very clear and the plot rambles all over the place (allowing Petula Clark, for instance, to appear for no good reason other than to sing a couple of songs.)
    Monthly Film Bulletin, September 1964

  • Crime and murder adventure, involving the double double-crossing that goes on when an international crook syndicate recovers a Nazi horde of diamonds...
    In their determination not to give away the identity of the real villains, the film-makers have gone to the other extreme of mystery and made the tortuous plot difficult to follow. However, all is made pretty plain in the end and the incidental slaughter that leads to the exciting climax has the bite of authenticity. The acting of the men in the cast is of a uniformly tough nature, which makes it an extra pleasure to see and hear Petula Clark, as herself, singing a couple of songs, otherwise the notable members of the cast are Pierre Mondy as Robert, Daniel Ivernal as the policeman; and Francoise Arnoul as Robert's wife.
    Kline Weekly - September 24, 2964

  • ...The plot--about an international crime on a massive scale--isn't as novel as it thinks it is. Like "Rififi", it depends a great deal on the characters and twisted relationships involved. But either the cutting ofr the original script have destroyed part of the human interest. However, the acting makes good some of the loss and the action's gripping, if not always comprehensible. There is, too, a modest guest appearance from Petula Clark playing herself (i.e. one of the new pop idols of Paris) and singing a couple of piquant French songs. Marcel Dalio and Pierre Mondy are excellent as the most influencial members of the gang. Daniel Ivernal is a serviceable and dedicated cop, while Francois Arnoul is attractive as the wife who can't save her crooked husband from the penalty of breaking the law. The always saleable theme and Pet Clark's name on the credits should bring in the customers.
    Daily Cinema - September 18, 1964

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