1. Harry Denton, just released from jail, plans to kidnap Sheila, daughter of actor Michael Farlaine, and, wearing a false moustache, comes to collect her. Jimmy Knowles watches suspiciously.

2. Although Harry is soon sick of the whole affair, Sheila delightedly informs him and his grandson Jack that she intends to stay "kidnapped" and have the time of her life.

3. When Jack Denton threatens to ring the police, Sheila announces that she will reveal the whole story to them. He realizes he can do nothing..

4. Sheila, thoroughly enjoying herself, decides to change her appearance so that she can go out. She gets old Harry to cut off her hair.

5. Sheila blackmails Jack to take her out for the evening: they visit pin-table saloons, skittle alleys and a Palais de Danse. Jack is worn out.

6. Sheila, who has finally agreed to return to her father, has her cheeks smudged and wrists bound to give the impression that she has escaped after a struggle.

7. Sheila makes a dramatic return, rushing on stage during the last scene of "Romeo and Juliet" much to the annoyance of leading lady Mary Lamont.

8. All ends happily when Michael realizes Sheila is no longer a child, and promises that she will be the leading lady in his next play.