In rehearsal

Dancing with Fred Astaire

With Fred and Don Francks
     Director Coppola was determined that each member of the company master the special flavor and feeling of the whole of "Finian's Rainbow" before one single scene was shot. He wanted to develop what he called "an ensemble sense of performance." The solution: an extraordinary five solid weeks of pre-production rehearsal. Then a final test before shooting--a complete performance of the film before a live audience on a studio sound stage.
     After that, the picture was off and winging to 18 principal locations, as well as a score of studio sets. To trace the footloose adventuring of Finian McLonergan and friends, the Panavision-Technicolor cameras spanned the continent to shoot scenes from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge, with waystops at Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon. Some of the action swept over the mountains, meadows and woodlands of California. At the Warner Bros-Seven Arts studio, more than nine full acres of backlot were turned into Rainbow Valley town, complete with narrow-gauge railroad, schoolhouse, general store, postoffice and barns.

On the set

"BEAUTY & THE BEAST" - With Director Francis Ford Coppola

Director Francis Ford Coppola, Petula, Don Francks, Fred Astaire, Producer Joseph Landon, Tommy Steele

Family Wolff: Claude, Bara, Petula and Kate

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PET'S WET: Petula Clark, the vivacious songstress, makes a big splash in her first Hollywood film, "Finian's Rainbow," opposite Fred Astaire, Tommy Steele and Don Francks. In this sequence from the Warner Bros.-Seven Arts musical, Miss Clark find Francks is a big drip in a picnic battle with water-filled baloons. Francis Ford Coppola directed the Technicolor-Panavision film, produced by Joseph Landon. The reserved-seat presentation is in 70mm. and six-track stereophonic sound. From top to bottom, it's ready, aim--splat!

Og, pursuing his purloined crock of gold, now drops in on Sharon, right down the well. Rapidly approaching the human state and fearful of losing his supernatural status, Og is quickly smitten by Sharon's charms.

"Something in your eyes I see soon begins betwitching me." Woody and Sharon experience that old devil moon.

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