Cover Personality

Petula Clark
     At the Press Reception which followed London Town, that lamentable effort to put London into a musical film, I noticed a rather shy little girl of about 11 years sitting demurely on a chair behind the gossiping film critics and film technicians and stars. She was dealing with an ice cream and seemed quite apart from the clatter of publicity with which she was surrounded. She was not eager to talk about herself and I remember that our conversation consisted mainly of exchanges of view about the films we had recently seen. I saw her again at the Press Reception which followed Vice Versa another gallant attempt to make us laugh which did not quite come off. Once again the little girl was eating ice cream and sitting in a sheltered part of the room while the critics and others made their customary after

-film noises. Again she smiled shyly and seemed unwilling to talk about her own work and we exchanged a few remarks about other people's films
     Since then, Petula Clark has appeared in Easy Money, the Huggetts films, The Romantic Age and lately, as the probationer nurse in White Corridors. She began her film career in Medal for the General in 1944, and followed it up with a part in Strawberry Road(sic) and I Know Where I'm Going, for Archers, in 1946.
     She also works very hard for the BBC. Whatever she does, whether the part be trivial or worthwhile, one notices the same intense earnestness to take trouble about films as such. The same pleasing shyness comes through the screen and one has the impression of an unspoilt personality. She has now reached the dangerous age for child film stars who have made the grade from little girl to teen-ager.