Betty Box, the girl who makes the "Huggett" films, wants new ideas for the series and, after reading your recent letters, she offers prizes for the best suggestions from Picturegoer's readers

     IT seems that we've started something. All those letters you have written about the Huggett family films have aroused immense interest among those responsible for making them. Now they are asking for your assistance in the planning and development of future Hugget subjects.
      Possibly for the first time in the history of British films, the maker is consulting the customer and is prepared to take his advice.
      It was that page in our issue of March 26 which began it all. Remember? It was then that we quoted extracts from hundreds of letters on the subject of the Huggett films-- letters which showed that roughly three readers out of every four liked the new series, while the other quarter were critical (writes the Editor).
      Since filmgoers have been

agitating in our correspondence columns for a very long time for such a series, it was not surprising that the first two films about the Huggetts should have produced more letters than any other single subject during the past year. .
          The Betty Box Offer
      It is certainly significant that those responsible for the pictures have taken respectful notice of your interest. Unfortunately that is rarely the case. Bat in this instance Betty Box, sister of Sydney Box, the young Rank producer who is in charge of the Huggett pictures, shows far more wisdom than most. She, having studied your letters, believes that picturegoers have something valuable to say about the series and the way in which it should be developed.
      Not only is she prepared to listen to what our readers have to

say, but she invites constructive and informative criticism.
      She is offering a total of 275 for comments and suggestions which meet the conditions she outlines in her letter to you. which we print below.
      Replies to her invitation may take any form you like by letter or postcard, but naturally you should make them as simple and concise as possible. And above all, please be constructive.
      By writing to Miss Box, care of PICTUREGOER, 185-192 High Holborn, W.C.X, you will be giving her and the British film industry some real assistance.
      You have plenty of time in which to reply, for we have fixed the closing date for July 4. These are the prizes offered:
     lst Prize.....................100
     2nd Prize......................75 .
     3rd Prize......................50
     and ten additional prizes of 5 each

      Here is Betty Box's letter announcing this request for your co-operation:

Dear Picturegoers,
      I was very interested to read your letters to the Editor about the Huggett family. We have all had letters about these films--I've had them, Jack Warner's had them, Kathleen Harrison, even the authors! And your Editor tells me that he has had more correspondence about the Huggett films than about any other recent subject.
     As, in the first place, the series started as an experiment it is all the more gratifying to me to know that the films we have so far made about the Huggetts-.-Here Come the Huggetts and Vote for Huggett have at least earned your approval.
     The third of the series, The Huggetts Abroad, is so different from the other two that, your reactions to it should prove extremely interesting. Most of you will be seeing it during the next few months.
     Your letters have shown that you have definite ideas of your own as to what the Huggetts should do in their films.
     Although we have a programme of subjects for them, we do feel that you can help us by telling us exactly what you feel about our film family; what they mean to you, whether or not they appeal to you as real people, what you want them to do, and so on.
      Such constructive appreciation would help us in making future Huggett pictures because we value your opinion as picturegoers and, after all, you are our customers.
      Your time is probably as precious as ours-- so we have decided to offer a reward for your labours. We are prepared to offer prizes totalling 275 for the letters from Picturegoer readers which prove to be the most helpful and constructive to the producers.
           Your Story Ideas
      We are not primarily asking you for story ideas-our programme includes the Huggetts-- on a Norfolk Broads holiday, the Huggetts in Paris, the Huggetts' first grandchild, the Huggetts' silver wedding anniversary-there no shortage of subjects, but what we do ask you for is genuine constructive criticism.
     In short: What sort of things do you want the Huggetts to do? What sort of people do you want them to be?
     I don't mind how short or how long you make your comments, provided they give us something to think about.
      If you want the Huggert family series to continue, then we are very happy to go on producing them. If you feel tired of them, there seems to be no sense in wasting your time as well as our own.
      Incidentally, you must accept one condition--that when it comes to choosing the winning letters the final decision rests with your Editor and me.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
           Yours sincerely,

          Betty Box