The Films of Petula Clark
The Huggetts Abroad

Released May 1949 [UK]
Comedy - 87 minutes

The Huggetts Abroad is the last and most contrived of Britain's "Huggetts" film series. The titular family members, first introduced in the 1947 film Holiday Camp, are played by Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison, Susan Shaw and Petula Clark (the same). Mr. Huggett feels he's in a rut, so he quits his jobs and packs himself and his family off to Africa. In quick order, the innocents abroad (a) become involved with diamond smugglers and (b) wind up in jail. When his job becomes available again, the chastened Mr. Huggett returns to his own back yard. Four writers were required to concoct this tired British Ma and Pa Kettle equivalent.
Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


Jack Warner
Kathleen Harrison
Dinah Sheridan
Susan Shaw
Petula Clark
Jimmy Hanley

.................Joe Huggett
.................Kathleen Huggett
.................Dinah Sheridan
.................Susan Huggett
.................Pet Huggett

  • Directed by Ken Annakin (who directed all of the Huggett films)
  • Rank/Gainsborough Production
  • Made at Islington Studios and Petula has not-so-fond memories of sand--everywhere!
  • Soundtrack: Petula sings "House in the Sky" and "Doodle-oodle-day" by Jack Fishman and Peter Hart

  •      Thanks to Pa Huggett being suspected of a spot of "fiddling" at his job, the family depart for South Africa in this third of their screen adventures, taking with them a Canadian who turns out to be a diamond smuggler. En route, the latter gets a bullet in his leg, the convoy runs into a sand storm, the Huggett lorry loses its way, Pa heroically goes for help in company with his son-in-law, and in the resultant hospital climax the gaff is blown about their smuggling buddy. Gladly the Huggetts plan to return to England!
         The andventure angle of these goings-on is at once fanciful and placid--from the viewpoint of really exciting action--leaving the material entertainment once more vested in the likeable domestic charterisation and the down-to-earth dialogue. As these latter have already been widely acclaimed by the masses, the successs of more flock to renew acquaintance with the phiosophic Joe Huggett, his voluble better half, the fickle Susan and the youthful Pet. These dominating roles are once again engagingly played by Jack Warner, Kathleen Harrison, Susan Shaw and Petula Clark, who are this time abetted by Dinah Sheridan and Hugh McDermott as the suavely pattering smuggler. Faithful sweetheart Peter Hammond, grandma Amy Veness and son-in-law Jimmy Hanley remain in the cast to divert with their homely portraiture.
    Today's Cinema - 22 April, 1949

  • . . .Just a few smiles in meandering Huggett film: the series went no further.
    [Ed. note: Despite best efforts]
    British Sound Films - 1984

Pet entertains the family with a rendition of "House in the Sky."

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