Produced by George H Brown.Directed by John Paddy Carstairs

Newlyweds Julie and Basil Topham are bludgeoned into entering the annual Flitch competition. If they can win, they'll win a home of their own plus a whole side of bacon that everybody seems to want. But first they must prove theirs is truly a marriage "Made in Heaven."

Despite the close quarters they share with Basil's family, all is well-until the new maid comes to town. Unskilled at cleaning chores, the sultry and glamorous Marta gets busy with her own brand of "housework." And soon havoc breaks out at the Tophams'!

Finally the day of judgment arrives. But before all is said and done, a dead donkey. . .a sputtering minister. . .and the town matriarch stuck high atop a ferris wheel, will manage to turn this solemn occasion into the zaniest three-ring circus ever!