The Films of Petula Clark
Trouble at Townsend
(This Could Be the Night)

Released January 1946
Children's Instructional - 23 minutes

Short instructional film about two city children (from London) who go and stay at their uncle's farm in the country. The film was made in order to instruct children the proper way of behaving in the country.



Petula Clark
David Lees

  • Story by Malcolm Saville
  • The first book in the Michael and Mary series.
  • Script adaptation by Darrel Catling
  • Directed by Darrel Catling
  • Produced by H. Bruce Turner
  • Filmed at "No Man's Land" (the book author's farm) Hertfordshire & Merton Park Studios
  • Director Darrel Catling recalls that Petula gave such a brilliant performance in several telling scenes (where she had to be bitchy) that the producer cut them out as they might be thought to encourage child audiences to get bad ideas!


Another G.B. Instructional production dealing with the case of two children who visit their uncle's farm and learn something of country ways as the result of their numerous misdoings. Talented juvenile portrayal; pleasant scenic backgrounds. Very good.
THE CINEMA - 30 January, 1946

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