Spotlight on

By Richard Harries
Je reviens
Le soleil est amoureux
Ma vérité
Si vous passez près du Rhône
Mon piano et moi
La chanson d'Evita
La vallée
Jimmy le boxeur
Le chevalier
Mister Disco (album mix)
C'est ma destinée
Je reviens (reprise)
Le grec
Lève-toi Petula
La chanson d'Evita (single mix)
Mister Disco (single mix)
55 millions de gaulois
Poor Lonesome Play Boy
Paris / Orléans / Paris (99 Miles From L.A.)
Le soleil ça vient des amis
Qui a fait tout ce bleu
La fin
Il joue du piano
Les années 40 (Le jeu du solitaire)(Solitaire)
Il ne chantera plus jamais
On est tout seul (We're All Alone)
Les bons hommes
Georgina Bailey
La première nuit de l'été
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Pourquoi mon corps tremble?)

I honestly think Petula Clark fans are about the luckiest in the world - not only have they had all her classic albums, most of her flip sides and odd tracks and lots of live music issued on CD in four languages, they also have workaholics dedicated to exploring sometimes obscure vaults for her work.

I was proud to be involved with many project and in particular am fond of 'Jumble Sale' and 'CONVERSATIONS IN THE WIND' on Sanctuary records and of course the wonderful Bear Family Box Set 'THE INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION' which I had some input into and the French Anthologie series which I had no input into.

However I have been yet again blown away by a wonderful CD. The artwork is perfect, the sleeve notes informative, accurate and interesting and the music sublime. WE all knew that the JE REVIENS LP was Petula at her vocal best with great songs. WE knew 'Leve toi Petula' and 'Il ne chatera jamais' were outstanding and that 'La fin' was a work of genius. I was at the London convention mentioned in the notes and Petula really was moved to hear the recording again. She said that she was really glad it had survived. Now we have it in perfect sound quality.

I don't want to bore you but there is some remarkable music here that EVERY Petula fan just has to hear. If my recommendation is worth anything then I have to say that I recommend this CD totally without reservation (well I do not like '55 MILLIONS DE GAULOIS', but this is where it belongs and 34 brilliant songs and performances out of 35 is quite remarkable!)

In particular I have to say that Petula's vocal is perfection on 'Poor Lonesome Playboy' (I am a great Andrew Gold fan and find many similarities between his and Petula's songwriting so love that she recorded this). I adore 'Il joue du piano' and think 'On est tout seul' (the Boz Scaggs song made famous by Rita Coolidge) is a brilliant interpretation of a fantastic song. 'Domino' takes us to the best of Abba-esque Eurovision (before we heard of them) and 'Georgina Bailey' is so incredible I can't stop playing it.

The final few songs are all wonderful but the ending with I'm Always Chasing Rainbows' is perfect and one of her best recordings ever.

Many thanks and congratulations to everyone at Zone Records.

I have nothing to do with the production of the CD but I assure you if you buy it you will certainly have much 'Happy Listening'

Best Wishes
Richard Harries