Richard & Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center
January 11, 2002
Long Beach, California

© Photos by Pat Fox

Song List
  • Sign of the Times
  • Here We Are
  • Colour My World
  • Iím Not Afraid
  • Don't Sleep in the Subway
  • This Is My Song
  • Look to the Rainbow
  • How Are Things in Gloccamorra
  • You and I
  • La Vie En Rose (with Petula at the piano)
  • I Know a Place
  • Kiss Me Goodbye
  • Tell Me It's Not True
  • Jazz Medley:
         If I Had You/Petula's jazz rap/Just You, Just Me
  • The Other Manís Grass Is Always Greener
  • I Need to Be in Love (with Richard Carpenter)
  • All Those Years Ago (with Richard Carpenter)
  • Losing My Mind
  • I Never Do Anything Twice
  • With One Look
  • Itís a Funny Thing, the Theatre (the poem)
  • My Love/Downtown
  • Here for You (with Petula at the piano)

  • © Photo by Laurie Parsons Zenobio
    © Photo by Pat Mann
    © Photo by Rich Tanguy

    © Photo by David
    Van Densen

    © Photo by Laurie Parsons Zenobio
    © NORMA photo by Rich Tanguy
    © Photo by David Van Densen

    Photo by Bob Slavin

    Photos by Pat Fox

    Photos by Pat Mann

    Poster seen around town - note date
    Long Beach Press-Telegram article

    Petula and Richard with Executive Committee Member Ron Zurek of the Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts. L to R: Kevin Donnelly, Sylvia Donnelly, Richard, Petula, Ron Zurek, Julie Zurek
    Photo: Ron Zurek