© Photo by Clément Grenier

Théâtre Maisonneuve
Place des Arts
Montreal, CANADA
March 25, 2006

Song List
  • Who am I
  • Je me sens bien medley
  • Don't Sleep In The Subway
  • I'm not Afraid
  • Un enfant
  • Look to the Rainbow
  • Que Fais-tu là Petula?
  • Color My World
  • S.O.S. Mozart
  • Prends mon coeur medley
  • Chariot

  • Jazz medley (If I Only Had You /Just me, Just You)
  • Coeur Blessé
  • La Chanson de Gainsbourg/O Sheriff O/La gadoue
  • To Memphis
  • 60's medley
    (Round Every Corner/Call Me/Don't Give Up/Other Man's Grass)
  • This is My Song
  • Tell Me It's Not True
  • With One Look
  • Sign of the Times
  • La nuit n'en finit plus
  • I Couldn't Live...
  • Vivre
  • Downtown
  • Dis-moi au revoir
  • My Love
  • Here For You
  • Personne ne Veut Mourir
© Photos by Clément Grenier

© Photos by Alain Grenier

© Photo courtesy of Daniel Bédard


 Review: The voice of an era, the songs of a lifetime

  Petula Clark à la Place des Arts - Épatante, pétillante, pétulante!
  Petula Clark at Place des Arts - Marvelous, Sparkling, Lively!