Outdoor Theatre

Friday, September 5, 2003
Orem, Utah

Who Am I
Wedding Song
Don't Sleep in the Subway
I'm Not Afraid
This is My Song
I Know a Place
Look to the Rainbow
Sixties Medley
Tell Me It's Not True
Jazz Medley
     (If I Had You/Just You, Just Me)
Starting All Over Again
Sign of the Times
Theatre Poem
Losing My Mind
With One Look
Love Medley
      Here for You
     I Couldn't Live Without Your Love

[Photos by Laurie Zenobio]

Admiring a gift
from a young fan

[Photos courtesy of Lesley Moore]

{Photos by Michael Holmstrom}

Sandy City Amphitheater
Saturday, September 6, 2003
Sandy, Utah

[Photo by Laurie Zenobio]

[Photo by Laurie Zenobio]

[Photo by Michael Holstrom]

[Photo courtesy of Lesley Moore]

[Photos by Brian Tidwell]