Published October 1 2010



With decades of experience behind her, English entertainer Petula Clark likes to mix it up and keep things interesting.

“I don’t do a concert lightly” says the 77 year old, singer, actress and Commander of the Order of the British Empire, “this is a different kind of show for me and every time I go on stage it’s important to me”

She is talking about her Perth show tomorrow night, which is called YOU AND I – AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH PETULA.

The show’s title is lifted from the Goodbye Mr Chips line a “You and I have travelled far together” While Clark will cover the songs she’s famous for – Colour My World, Downtown and I Know A Place, this show will be a little different.

Accompanied by a lean four piece outfit rather than her usual big band, those classics will be joined by a number of songs Clark has never performed live. “I will be singing those great songs that I have been blessed with” Clark says, “I will also be doing some other stuff, like playing the piano a lot more and doing some of the new songs I’ve written. It’s interesting for me to do these songs another way and I think it will be fun for the audience to hear them a little differently. It’s still me singing them but it will be different.”

Since her career start in 1944,Clark has sold more than 68 million albums and been a versatile performer, working in everything from radio to musicals and recording albums.

She lives in Geneva, but spent much of the northern summer rehearsing for the new show at her other home in the French Alps.

“The last time I was really on the road was for Sunset Boulevard but that was a while ago. I did a UK tour recently. I do that from time to time, I don’t go off on world tour’s anymore.

That said, Clark started this tour in New York , She’ll head to New Zealand after and then to Montreal on the way home.

Still in demand, Clark says she is considering an interesting acting opportunity in New York and another in Paris.

“ I try and do the things that i want to do and that might be fun to do. I can’t go on stage and just sing the hit songs, that would bore me to tears”

Petula Clark Plays Burswood Theatre tomorrow night, Book at Ticketek