December 28, 1966

REVIEW: Petula at Harold's Club (Reno, NV)
For her first encore trek to Harold's (she initialed here in November, 1965,) Petula Clark demonstrates much Americanization has been absorbed in the interim -- and it is all used to plus advantages as she tees this month-long playback. Debut in Harold's intimate Fun Room last year was her first US nitery date, and an auspicious one. Current stanza portends the same: full and enthusiastic houses. The year past has given her generous exposure among the Yankees -- disks. videos, niteries -- and she's more acquainted with this side of the Atlantic, as evidenced in her chatter and voiced affection for her coast-to-coast endorsements.

That tousled coiff, the freshly scrubbed countenance, the at-ease demeanor -- all land her a distinction that has made her the darling of the adult cafe set as well as of the teens who've established her as a big-selling wax artist. Gowned in pink and chirping through a diamond-studded mike, she creates tenor of what's to come with "Put On a Happy Face." Her 45 minutes of songmanship is happy-bent, albeit she intersperses titles of sorrow and lament with the rock -n- roll themes. Gesticulations are reserved to interpret the lyric, and she is fully conscious of mood creativity -- whatever the lines suggest.