Philadelphia Inquirer
April 22, 1969

Petula Clark Sings for Ortlieb Charities
by Daniel Webster

Petula Clark, the girl who made "Downtown" one of pop music's most fashionable addresses, sang downtown Monday. She bobbed on stage at the Spectrum, a slim blonde in glittering white, to sing a solo program with Frank Owens' big band.

Although it was her first Philadelphia show, her singing was right at home. Plymouth Rock is her style, a blend of her English pertness with the belting style that grew up here in the colonies.

She sings of love and people, not of protest and sociology, and she sings of love in a voice that is solid, pliant, ingratiating and warm.

It hits hardest at full volume, and her songs, even the sentimental ones like "I Want to Hold Your Hand," come to that big rhythmic style somewhere before the final bars.

In her chatty progress around the square stage, she sang tunes from My Fair Lady, Finian's Rainbow and Charles Chaplin's "This Is My Song." But it was "Hey Jude," her own "Las Vegas," "I Want Your Love," "Games People Play" and "I'm Going Places" that made her downtown audience move.

The audience was adoring, but sedate and small for the Spectrum. She was singing for the Henry F. Ortlieb Charities. She bolstered the gifts to the American Cancer Society with a $5,000 check of her own.