November 10, 1965

REVIEW: Petula at Harold's Club (Reno, Nevada)

Enthusiastic payees did everything except stand up and cheer at the Coast preem of English chirper Petula Clark at Harold's Club last Tuesday. It was a noisy evening for the packed house and was continually interrupted with whistles and applause during numbers.

Miss Clark's gimmick here is her pro stage manner. Energy sparkles from her eyes. She doesn't try to be anything except Petula. a pale little girl from England who can't understand why payees are so enthusiastic, but is pleased by it. She makes her appearance in a black and white gown which extends to the floor. It is very unbecoming. The black makes even more striking her very white complexion and blond hair. The low neckline accentuates her frail frame.

Her rendition of "Only for Americans" is appropriate. It is a light-hearted spoof on how Americans embrace British goods (including entertainment) that the English themselves disdain. She does it well. At the first show, Miss Clark drew a standing ovation, something this reviewer has never seen at Harold's Club. A few attempted to start a similar demonstration at the second performance.

She essays 15 numbers in her 50-minute set. It is a well-balanced songalog, again disclosing her show biz savvy. She does a medley from My Fair Lady and caps the session with wild versions of "Downtown," "Hello. Dolly" and "Round Every Corner." The audience acclaim for her distinctive stylings assures her a return engagement in the Reno-Lake Tahoe circuit. It was her first date in the Western states and only the second time in the US.