November 30, 1966

REVIEW (excerpted): Petula at Caesar's Palace {Las Vegas, NV)
Woody Allen and Petula Clark may not have the marquee value of most top-liners who play the Strip, but their performances opening night are certain to get the good word spread, and before their two-week stint is over, the newcomers could be the talk of the town. And, of course, when impresario Dick Victorson brings them back their lure will be greatly magnified. Miss Clark, tiny, blonde Britisher, was inevitably aimed at Las Vegas after her "Downtown" disc click -- it took a long time but it was well worth the wait. Her crystal-clear tones have a fine quality of lyric-consciousness, and her flexible range is most pleasant. She is delightfully animated, and has the knack of immediately winning her audience. "Getting to Know You," in which she tells the audience how much she likes the USA, is her charming ice-breaker. She includes "Come Rain or Come Shine," "Call Me," "l Couldn't Live Without Your Love," "Just Say Goodbye" and, naturally, "Downtown." She gets a laugh with a bit of special material written for her by Allan Sherman called "Only for Americans," also from her complaint-in-song about how her name is mispronounced. "It's Pe-toola." she says, "But you can call me Pet." Many of her new fans will take her up on that.