Petula Clark and "Friends" receiving the Waldorf Astoria Oscar. This award was presented to Petula for having broken the Empire Room's all-time attendance record.

August 28, 1975

Petula Clark, brightly packaged, has accepted good advice, changed her nitery approach, and blossoms better than ever. Dispensing with her big hits immediately, she spends the first portion of the show solo, doing welcome numbers like A Chorus Line's "What I Did for Love" and Jim Croce's "I've Got a Name."

Then, after talking of her "pert and perky" image, she musically decides "It's not enough just to sing," one must do everything, so "Why Not Petula?" This well-written specialty number, arranged with much brass distinctive of most songs here, intros "Friends," four fine dancers who later help make a music hall round, "Eleanor Rigby" and "Ease on Down the Road" memorable.

Clark herself both plays on British background and mocks it, with tributes to London, memories of music shared in war air raid shelters, and determination to be all demure and proper. Her "Burlington Bertie" is excellent and her "I Don't Know How to Love Him" superior. Trio of femmes accent vocally and Harold Wheeler conducts the supplemented John Carleton crew.