Live at Caesar's Palace with Anthony Newley
August 8-28, 1974

It's a Musical World

I Know a Place (begun off-stage)
Killing Me Softly
Don't Sleep in the Subway
Alone Again, Naturally/Get Down
This is My Song
I've Got a Name
Seasons in the Sun/If You Go Away
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love excerpt.

with Newley:
Medley: An Ordinary Couple/We've Only Just Begun/The Honeymoon is Over /Come Back to Me/Won't Last a Day Without You/Kids/Sunrise, Sunset
You and I

Concert Review

August 21,1974

Petula Clark and Anthony Newley have it all together co-headlining the Circus Maximus room in a rare theatrical treat. Excitement continues right through the show. They open together with "It's a Musical World," which eases into a film clip of a scene showing the two as child thespians. When they return to the stage they're togged as teenagers for a fanciful, funny reprise of a supposed early encounter.

Then it's Newley's turn to galvanize the crowd singing Bricusse and Newley, one hit right after the other. Also included is one of Newley's solo cleffings and "Love Has the Longest Memory," which he wrote for his upcoming film Quilp, and a smash medley of show tunes Newley wishes he had written.

Clark's portion is a potent parade of her many disk clicks winding with a show-stopping "Fool on the Hill." With their proven ability as actors enhancing every number, Clark and Newley win ovations, closing their show with a catchy, romantic medley pegged on "You and I" that's a show in itself. Act could go intact to Broadway with success.

Curtain-raiser is a festive romp by the Caesar's Palace Dancers, six fetching femmes and a male consort. Nat Brandwynne orchestra backs entire party with aplomb.