Caesar's Palace

Color My World/You Are the Sunshine of My Life
Don't Sleep in the Subway
Beatles medley: Something/Penny Lane/All You Need is Love
You and I
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
(How about them grits)
Your Cheatin' Heart
Until it's Time for You to Go
You've Got a Friend
Band introductions
I Don't Know How to Love Him
What the World Needs Now

May 2, 1973

Petula Clark's enduring prettiness and easy, humorous audience rapport could probably capture a room on their own merits. Her vocal distinction, clean phrasing and true pitch combine as well to make this one of the more winning shows of the present season, packed with good music and an easy, familiar mood, in refreshing contrast to the merciless upbeat straining of many acts.

Opening medley of "I Can See Clearly Now," "Blue Skies" and "On a Clear Day" combines these songs in a manner no lesser chirp should attempt. "This Is My Song" comes on with humorous intro in the style of prim British lady which Miss Clark kids to good effect. Quartet of "marvelous, unsloppy songs" by femme composers varies things nicely, and "I Don't Know How to Love Him," chestnut though it is at this point, comes off sounding new thanks to the star and particularly to conductor Frank Owens' rippling arrangement. "Downtown" and "Don't Sleep in the Subway" are also tossed in for Petula fans and sound good as new.

Particular credit should go to Miss Clark's husband-manager Claude Wolff for his sensitive, mood modulated lighting, transfomming the backdrop into an unobtrusive but extremely effective color counterpoint to the songs.

In all, it's a show of rare harmony. Miss Clark has not made a long Reno Tahoe stand in more than a year, but judging by audience response, her command of the area has not faltered.