April 18, 1973

Petula Clark makes one of her periodic journeys to Caesar's Palace and the fortnight promises to be a stimulating one on several counts. The record charts haven't been blessed of late by a rash of Clark ditties as of yore, yet there seems to be no diminution of her popularity to Vegas crowds. The inclusion of her top charters, cleffed by Tony Hatch within the well-proportioned vocalog brings an extra acclamation upon opening measures and at the finishes.

Her projection is generally fine except for the piping of too many forceful, over-modulated notes at codas of some tunes. "I Don't Know How to Love Him" is marred by the keening push at the close, as are a couple of numbers in the female composers medley. The interim verbal notes are neatly expressed, with British humor shining through some of the more or less deadpan observations.

The Nat Brandwynne orchestra does its job with musicianly expertise, led by Frank Owens for Miss Clark. Miss Clark has her rhythm section to aid the various charts and a quartet of warblers in support, introduced as the Beverly Henshaw singers.

© D. Bush