PET'S PRODUCTS / Advertisements

Petula's Commercial Appeal
In her career, Petula and/or her singing voice have been featured promoting a wide variety of products. . .

The Twenty-Tens

Heathrow Airport - 2017
It's A Wonderful Flight - Television
     Petula is featured in the soundtrack as Heathrow Airport reveals their second Christmas advertisement featuring the 50-year love story of Doris and Edward Bair, who were introduced in 2016 as the Heathrow Bears. In the newest edition of Heathrow's festive fare, Doris and Edward grow closer with every Christmas that passes, as Petula Clark's Couldn't Live Without Your Love hums in the background. An elderly couple kiss at the now-closed Heathrow Terminal 1. The advert celebrates the much-romanticised historical days of air travel, when flying was by default glamorous, rather than budget and thrifty. Watch for a cameo by Petula.

The Eighties

Avon Cosmetics
Avon campaign #13 in which Petula Clark sings a Christmas song--Avon Christmas Feelings,to promote Avon cosmetics.

The Seventies

Print ads - Television - Radio spots (USA)

"It's the Burlington look--it's the Burlington air. . ."
Spokesperson for another lavish campaign, this one featured Petula singing and dancing on television and also appearing in magazine ads to promote a wide variety of Burlington Mill products--from carpets to socks.
Print ads (UK)

Petula and her family appeared in magazine advertisements promoting fake furs.

HMV Televisions - UK brochure cover

Print ads (UK)
Photographed in Miss Clark's chalet in the Alps.

Petula appeared in print ads promoting Sanderson wallpaper.

Chrysler Sunbeam
Print ads - TV commercials - Radio spots (UK)

Petula was the spokesperson for the Chrysler Sunbeam automobile and the jingle Put a Chrysler Sunbeam in Your Life was re-written and recorded as Put a Little Sunbeam in Your Life which appeared on the "Destiny" album.
[For many years, Petula actually drove a Sunbeam automobile.]

The Sixties

Print ads - Television - Radio spots (USA)

The Coca-Cola campaign featured most of the top singers of the day (Supremes, Tom Jones, Bee Gees, Lulu, Lesley Gore, Neil Diamond, Jan & Dean, etc.) singing a Coke jingle--tailored to the singer--on television and radio and posing with the omnipresent bottle of Coke in full page magazine spreads.

[Click logo to hear jingle]

Four different versions of Petula's Coke jingles can be found on the "I Love to Sing" box set.

[No longer in print. Available as a collector item on Amazon and eBay.]

'Pet' Dog Biscuits
Print ads (UK)

Lux Soap
Print ads (UK/France) - Television (UK)

Bon Accord Nylons
Print ads (UK)

Print ads - Television - Radio spots (USA)

A lavish campaign, for which Petula was the primary spokesperson, appearing in print ads, television commercials and doing voice-overs in radio spots.

The cap's crocheted, the scarf knitted--and. both are part of the singing star's wardrobe-of-the-30's in MGM'S musical remake of Goodbye Mr. Chips
McCall's Magazine

Crocheted Daisy Dress

The Fifties

Potter & Moore
Print ads (UK)

One of Petula's beauty secrets.

Mac Throat Sweets
[AKA Cough drops]
Print ads (UK)

Tetley Tea
Radio advertisements singing Anytime is Teatime (UK)

Drene Shampoo
Print ads (UK)
Another of Petula's beauty secrets!
Also promoted her new film Made in Heaven

'Clark's' Shoes
Print ads - for obvious reasons (UK)

Mars Bars
Print ads - Television (UK/AUS)

Blend-Rite Hair Grips
[AKA: Bobby pins.]

(Courtesy of Steven Warner)

Regent Oil Company
The Right Spirit

Pearl & Dean produced advertisement which played in cinemas as a two-minute long short featuring Petula and Desmond Carrington as a young couple who are driving an old car that breaks down.

UK - Print

Co-operative Permanent Building Society
UK - Print / Radio ads

Happy Valley Furniture
- (UK) Brochure

The Forties

Blend-Rite Hair Grips
[AKA: Bobby pins.]
Print ads & product packaging (UK)

This is a great little item from the late 1940s. It is a 4 1/2" x 3" card containing 12 Blend-Rite Hair Grips (made in England by Newey Bros Ltd.) The back of the card specifies all the benefits of this particular brand of hair grips. What makes this such an interesting item is that the card is one of a series of British Film Stars. It is card No.5 and the front features a picture of Petula who was then under contract to the J Arthur Rank Organisation. The names of three of the films in which Petula has starred is also printed.

BSA Bicycles
Print ads & product placement in Here Come the Huggetts (UK)

Print ads & product placement in Here Come the Huggetts (UK)

Not a Promotion at all

The 'Petula Clark' Rose
Neither photographed with nor spokesperson for the "Petula Clark" rose," Petula was nevertheless the inspiration. This lovely hybrid bush tea rose was once sold in nurseries across the UK. A few British fans still have them growing in their gardens.
[True Petula devotees would have selected a YELLOW rose in her honor.]