Promotional Photo Collector Cards

A collector card (often referred to as a trading card in the US) is a small card, usually made out of cardboard or thick paper, which contains an image of a certain person, place or thing (fictional or real) and a short description of the picture, along with other text on the back (statistics in the case of baseball cards, or a brief biography or trivia in the case of Petula.) Over the years, Petula's image has been featured on a wide variety of different types of cards all over Europe and the USA. The earliest cards were found in cigarette packages which served as promotional advertisement for her films. Eventually, her image could be found in packages of gum, (like baseball cards) and confectionery products, like chocolate bars with information about her career and or promotion for her current film. Recording companies, like Vogue and all of their international subsidiaries, also used the cards as promotional advertisement with a list of her current singles, EPs and/or albums on the back. In the Sixties, Petula's photos were arcade prizes dispensed by machines at fairs and carnivals in the U.S. Today, Petula's autographed promotional postcards have also become very collectable.

Compiled by Laurie Parsons Zenobio. Most cards from the collection of Mike Jones

Playing Cards

Dutch playing card - 1960s
Film, pop music stars
One of 52 pop stars in a series which also features Cliff Richard.
Note misspelling of 'Clarck.'

Spanish playing card - 1960s
One of 52 pop stars
Others in series: Twiggy, Sammy Davis Jr., Duke Ellington, Four Tops, Eartha Kitt

American playing card - 1966
Enterprises Pop Music Record Club of America
Stars also included in series: Bobby Vinton, Bobby Rydell, Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Connie Francis, The Beach Boys, The Supremes, etc.

Film Star Publicity Cards


UK Picturegoer Series, London, #W 385

UK, Picturegoer Series, London,

Film Star Series #1166
Show Parade Picture Series

UK, The Huggetts promotion

German Tobacco Card
1951 Greiling Film Star Cigarette Card #195
Dance Hall Promotion

Picturegoer D565 Advance Films

Italy, Rotalfoto, Milano, #129
The Card promotion

Pre-printed autographed Made in Heaven promotion

Germany, Kunst und Bild, Berlin, #A 776
Made in Heaven promotion

Pop Stars Photo Cards







Film & Recording Star (GUM / CONFECTIONERY) Cards

Holland - Maple Leaf Gum Stars
One of 52 pop stars which also featured: Ricky Nelson, Pearl Bailey

Holland - Maple Leaf Gum Stars F#29

Holland - Dandy Gum A#94
Also in series: Doris Day, Anthony Perkins, Brenda Lee, Johnny Hallyday, Bobby Darin, Yves Montand, etc.

Holland - Dandy Gum G#34

A & BC Chewing Gum
#2 in a set of 48
Made in Heaven Promotion - 1952
Sweden - Star C Bilder #19

Sweden - Star C Bilder #24

Sweden - Star C Bilder #66

Sweden - Star C Bilder #270


Dutch chocolates

French Victoria Chocolates

Autographed Cards
Pre-printed and personally autographed

UK, pre-printed autograph

UK, personalized autograph

UK, personalized autograph

UK, personalized autograph

UK, pre-printed autograph

UK, pre-printed autograph

UK - J Arthur Rank
Genuine autograph, but not signed in the fifties.

UK Pre-printed autograph
J Arthur Rank

UK, pre-printed autograph

Genuine autograph, but not signed in the fifties.

Personalized pre-printed card

UK, Pre-printed Celebrity Autograph Series, 1959

Pre-printed autograph

Genuine autograph

UK, 1987
Genuine autograph

Record Promotion / Autographed postcards

Pre-printed autographed Polygon card

UK autographed Polygon/Pye card

Kane, Sussex England
Disc Stars #8 - Nixa

France Vogue, licensed by Pye

Germany, Genuine autograph

France Vogue, licensed by Pye

Vogue, Licensed by Pye
Genuine autograph

Pye - Genuine autograph

Netherlands, Imperial Records
Vogue - Holland

Belgium, Antwerpen

France, Publistar, Marseille #767/Vogue

Genuine autograph


Germany, Krüger, #902/264

France, Publistar, Marseille - 885/Vogue


France, Pre-printed
Editions Starama S-817/Vogue


Card featured Petula's pre-printed signature, but Petula herself added "Best wishes"

France, Pre-printed #816/Vogue

France, Publistar, Marseille - 887/Vogue

France, Publistar, Marseille #1129

Genuine autograph

German Vogue Schallplatten

Utrecht Netherlands AX4940

Utrecht Netherlands AX6189

German Vogue, pre-printed
Paper, not card

German Vogue
Paper, not card

Genuine autograph

France, Vogue licensed by Pye
Genuine autograph

"Muziek Parade" - Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

Dutch postcard

France, Photo by Pierre Spitzer

France, Photo by Pierre Spitzer

German postcard for Vogue Schallplatten

Vogue Posrcard #886 Genuine autograph


1970, Genuine autograph

1974 Panini French Sticker Card #11/AZ

France, AZ record label
Genuine autograph

France 1977 / CBS
Genuine autograph

UK, 1981
Genuine autograph

France, Corvisart, Épinal, #1505

Theatre/Concert/Magazine Promotion

Utrecht, Netherlands #AX 4437

UK 1982, Sound of Music theatre promotion
Genuine autograph

USA, Daeida Magazine

Arcade Cards

The Exhibit Supply Company (ESCO) of Chicago issued Post Card sized, thick cards from the early 1900 through the 1960. Their cards were sold for a penny each (later, a nickel or dime) and dispensed in carnival or fair arcade machines.

Issued by Billboard

Back of Billboard card.

Film/Radio/TV Star Match Box covers

Printed in the Netherlands. Over 800 cards in the series. All feature a distinctive bright yellow border. These sets were issued from about the late 1950s through the mid 1970s. Also in series: Natalie Wood, Sophia Loren, Aretha Franklin, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, etc.