For four Fridays in May, Petula's life and career was explored in Petula Clark... Driven By Emotion, a series of new half-hour radio programs over BBC Radio 2 in the United Kingdom -- and also available via the Internet to the entire world. The following information comes from producer Desmond Carrington: "Driven By Emotion" is the latest song of dozens that Petula has written. But not just a song, because it represents an inner truth, kept private through a career which has already spanned 65 years. Petula and Desmond Carrington have known each other since the 1950s and, recently, over three gloriously sunny days at Desmond's home in Scotland, they talked together honestly, as old friends do. From these conversations, four radio programmes have been fashioned which reflect Petula's feelings about life and music and her amazing career, from the diminutive child who sang "Mighty Lak A Rose" standing on a box to reach the microphone, to her towering stage prescense as the star of "Sunset Boulevard." Others who have worked with her also contribute and there are reminders of her films, hit records, television and theatre shows. "Driven By Emotion" is a song so new that there may not be a finished recording of it in time for the broadcasts. If there isn't, we can look forward to it because Petula speaks its lyrics, which very clearly come from the heart.

May 6 show: "Mighty Lak A Rose" - Child Star To Teenage Actress
May 13 show: "Downtown" - International Hit Records & TV Shows
May 20 show: "Look To The Rainbow" - Films & Stage Performances
May 27 show: "I'm Not Afraid" - Petula, Today & Tomorrow

Production by Desmond Carrington, David Aylott and Roy Oakshott. -- A Foldback Presentation for BBC Radio 2