The Constant Nymph
Q Theatre, Kew Bridge, England
February 16 - February 22, 1954

After a long and serious illness, Petula Clark, the young British singer and actress, is returning to work. She has started rehearsing for her part of Teresa in a revival of "The Constant Nymph" at the 'Q' Theatre. Petula will be co-starring with film star John Gregson. Petula and John found the theatre so cold that they wore heavy coats and scarves to go over their lines during rehearsals.
Lewis Dodd.....
Petula Clark
John Gregson
Elizabeth Kentish
David Ritch


     After thirty years, the appeal of Margaret Kennedy's Nymph dramatised with help from Basil Dean, showed itself as constant as her nature. There was a completely full house for this revival on 16th February and it was well booked for its run of one week.
     Making her first reappearance on the stage after an illness, Petula Clark made an appealing Tessa and established the reality of the character with natural sincerity. Tessa's lines, however, often move to a childish elevation of phrase, quaintly sententious, and on these occasions the ascent was not made, the telling isolation not attempted. John Gregson gave life to Lewis Dodd, whilst not presenting the physique nor suggesting the temperament of the musician. This Lewis would shift the entire piano rather than play on the keys. Florence's point of view was so well established by the fine playing of Elizabeth Kentish that the story seemed more like life than one's memory of the original production. David Ritch achieved an appearance of spontaneity and genuine feeling in the part of Roberto. The numerous "company" although not always ideally cast, achieved an excellent general result under the direction of Judith Furse, in four very good sets by Elizabeth Taplay.
H.G.M. - Theatre World, April 1954

First rehearsal was held yesterday at the Duchess Theatre, of a revival of "The Constant Nymph." Petula Clark, who has recovered from her recent illness, is to play Teresa.