The Philadelphia Inquirer
TV Week
March 7, 1971

Astraddle with Dean Martin (above) or safe in song (below) Petula Clark sparkles. She'll be the special singing guest on the Dean Martin Show Thursday 10 PM.

They're Just Horsing Around

PETULA and Dean Martin get together again when the popular British songstress makes a guest appearance on Dean's show, Thursday 10 P.M. When Dean was Pet's guest on her first special for American television last December, they straddled a horse together. On Thursday's show she'll sing "The Song is Love" and will join Dean in a medley of love songs and in a comedy sketch-- but there'll be no horsing around.
     The youngish looking (she's 37) rock 'n roll singer was fairly unknown in the United States until her upbeat recording of "Downtown" hit the jukeboxes. From that time on, it was strictly uptown for Petula.
     Born in England, Petula was a major child movie star before she was 12. She was called "the Shirley Temple of England." a pert 5 feet, 100 pounds soaking wet, Pet packs a wallop into her songs. --