REVIEW (excerpt)

With Andy Williams, Petula      Clark Don Ho, Blood Sweat &      Tears
Producers: Chris Beard, Alan      Blye
Writers: Bob Arnott, Earl      Brown, George Burditt, Don      Francks, Bryan Joseph,      Mark Shekter
60 Mins., Sat. 7:30 p.m.
NBC-TV, from H'wood

      The season opener had the mix of personal charm and production savvy that has earmarked Williams' efforts to date. Blood, Sweat & Tears, an oddly eclectic rock group, delivered an effective rock spiritual and doubled with William in "You Made Me So Very Happy". Miss Clark lent her throaty style nicely to "Games People Play" and joined Williams in a handsome production number of "London is London." Don Ho soloed on "Love's Been Good" and paired with Williams in "Ob La Di Ob La Da."
      Williams' busy vocalistic participating would seem to take note of a one-shot this summer in which he rather unsuccessfully took the traditional emcee role of a good deal of chatter and letting the acts do their own thing.