Perry Como's Hawaiian Holiday
(Sun., 8-9 p.m. NBC-TV)

Gentle, persuasive look at Island of Hawaii, Kona Coast and Perry Como and friends enjoying same should hype tourist trade as much as NBC ratings. Pleasant diversion, leaning hard on soft sell, shrewdly goes about making its pressureless statement under producer Dick Foster's easygoing direction.

With Don Ho repping islanders, Petula Clark, George Carlin looking from the outside in, the hour drifts easily by without the tourist-trap feel, yet with enough commercial aspects to make the program attractive. Although Kui Lee tunes tumble out, Clark strolls along a beach singing, oddly enough, "Give Me a Smile" ("What I Did for Love" also misses Polynesian beat.)

Otherwise, it's Hawaii material, ranging from Ho and Como dueting on "Tiny Bubbles," Clark, Como and Carlin paddling an outrigger to "One Paddle, Two Paddle," and bright underwater number to "Octopus Garden." More traditional Hawaiian pop songs brighten the air under conductor Nick Perito's direction and Como's customary genial style fits the occasion as much as announcer Gary Owen's reassuring baritone.

Como serves up a solid "Hawaiian Wedding Song," and Tavana's Polynesian Spectacular proves of interest at Kona Surf luau. Carline tries out a couple of n.s.f. routines, but they pass quickly enough.

Ray Charles contributed choral supervision and special music material for hour written imaginatively by Nick Castle, Jr. Bob Banner was exec producer for Roncom Prods. in association with Bob Banner Associates.