Hollywood Palace


Hollywood Palace
     Jack Benny made his "Palace" bow on last week's stanza as guest host in what shaped as another well-paced spread from his vaudeo staple. High on the bill with Benny was fighter Ernie Terrell and his combo with a nice folk-rock turn, keyed, of course to the pug's Monday (6) bout with the great Cassius.
     Benny jelled nicely with the support acts and via an engaging fiddle segment which paired him with violinist-teacher Gloria Chappell
     Otherwise, Johnny Mathis counted with a "Man of La Mancha" medley, and Petula Clark, minidressed, charmed with "Winchester Cathedral" and Charles Chaplin's "This is My Song" (from "Countess from Hong Kong"). The femme's bit with Benny, however, re the comle's yesteryear receptions in Limelyland, reprised some trite hokum in dull fashion.
     Also, Brascia & Tybee, a standard ballroom duo with no discernible finessse; and the Nitwits, funny visual group, formatted as a mock chamber music outfit. Pit.

with Jack Benny