Roddy & Petula on French TV

A segment of a French television show starring Roddy Llewellyn and Petula Clark, (Numéro Un Petula Clark) plus a recent Petula Clark interview was broadcast the week of February 11, 2002 on A&E's Biography of Princess Margaret. Roddy Llewelyn was romantically involved with Princess Margaret.

"Embarrassingly, Roddy Llewelyn seemed to be exploiting the publicity from his royal relationship.  In 1978, he tried to launch a
career as a pop singer."  (video of Roddy and Petula sitting on a sofa) 

"He appeared on French television singing a duet with Petula Clark.  If Margaret was angry with him though she didn't show it."

Miss Clark:
"I think they were deeply fond of each other.  They both had the same kind of sense of humour and enjoyed music, and probably other things as well."