TV Guide
December 17-23, 1955

Beauty Knows No Boundaries

Cosmopolitan is The Word
For Actresses in 'The Vise'

ABC's The Vise stresses suspense. However, there's one angle--or perhaps, curve--of each program that viewers can predict: a beauty is bound to pop up. Only question: from where: The show is filmed in Britain but the girls are imported from almost every English-speaking country in the world in one of TV's most ambitious bits of global glamor casting.

England is the home of Petula Clark, a former child star
of the British stage and movies, now frequently on TV.

From Ireland comes Eunice Gayson, who made TV debut previously when wed on Bride and Groom.
From Malaya: Carol Day whose parents operated a rubber plantation, is from Kuala Lumpur in the Malay States.

From Canada to Hollywood to England is the route taken by Kay Callard, who appears on TV and British stage.
Tonypady, Wales is where Marian Collins, singer as well as actresss, was born. She also is on the London stage.