San Remo 1965

The Festival San Remo has been running since 1951 and was the predecessor of Eurovision. Nowadays, the Italian Eurovision entry (when there is one) is chosen by the winner of the San Remo Festival and the event is televised all over Europe. Winners of the 15th festival were: Bobby Solo with "Se piangi, se ridi" and The New Christy Minstrels also with "Se piangi, se ridi." All singers came together on the stage at the end as presenter Mike Bongiorno bid everyone farewell.

Also in attendance, but not making it to the finals were Dusty Springfield and Anitia Harris. Petula's most vivid memory of the event was of sharing a dressing room with Dusty: "We were sharing a portable dressing-room in which the walls did not reach up to the ceiling, and the paparazzi were photographing us from over the top of the walls while we were getting ready for the show. Very bizarre!"
30, January 1965

Petula, Anita Harris & Dusty Springfield
29 January, 1965
  • Bobby Solo - "Se piangi, se ridi"
  • Fred Bongusto - "Aspetta domani"
  • Ornella Vanoni, Italy - "Abracciami forte"
  • Vittorio Inzaina - "Si vedra"
  • Milva - "Vieni con noi"
  • Gigliola Cinquetti, Italy - "Ho bisogno divederti"
  • Nicola Di Bari, Italy - "Amici miei"
  • Betty Curtis - veteran (her second time at the San Remo festival) - "Invece no"
  • Pino Donaggio, Italian composer and singer - "Io che non vivo senza te"
  • The New Christy Minstrels, USA - "Se piangi ,sr ridi"
  • Kiki Dee - "Aspetta domani"
  • Udo Jurgens, Austria - "Abbracciami forte"
  • Bernd Spier, Germany - "Vieni con noi"
  • Wilma Goich and The New Christy Minstrels - "Le colline sono in fiore".
  • Ito Yukari, Japan - "L'amore ha i toui occhi"
  • Les Surfs, exotic band from Madagaskar - "Si Vedra"
  • Connie Francis, USA - "Ho bisogno di vederti"
  • Audrey - "Prima o poi"
  • Gene Pitney, USA - "Amici miei"
  • Petula Clark, England - "Invece no"
  • Jody Miller - "Io che non vivo senza te"