9 June, 1941
Meadows Park
Surbiton, Surrey, England
Petula was a member of a concert party group called "The Nonentities" This particular show featured around a dozen local acts. Petula, who appeared twice on the programme was billed as: Pet Clarke - Little and Good.

14 July, 1941
Claygate Comrades Club (British Legion)
S"The Hut" Claygate, Surrey, England
Two shows at 2:30 and 7:30
Once again Petula was a member of "The Nonentities" and this show consisted of 11 acts. Again Petula was billed as: Pet Clarke - Little and Good.


20 December, 1942
Queensberry All Services Club
London, England
Celebrating ten years of Empire entertainment programmes.
Lineup: Vera Lynn, Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch, Elsie & Doris Waters, Sidney Burshall, PETULA CLARK. Introduced by Gerry Wilmot. Geraldo and his Orchestra. (BBC Radio Broadcast)

Also, photo at top of page.


14 March, 1943
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK
Featuring George Latter, Ann Trevor and "Little Petula Clark."

23 April, 1943
South Parade Pier Pavilion
Portsmouth, England
Charity concert.
BBC Artists: George Latter, Grace Nevern, Ann Trevor, PETULA CLARK.

25 July, 1943
Bedford, England
"Ten year old marvel."

Bedfordshire Times and Standard
30th July 1943

4 September, 1943
Majestic Theatre
Reigate, England
Charity concert featuring Harry Fryer and his Orchestra, Ten-year old PETULA CLARK, Tom Criddle, Ann Trevor and George Latter.
10-year old Petula Clark

Reigate News

19 September, 1943
Theatre Royal
Aldershot, England
Charity concert in aid of the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.
Performers: The Flying Yanks, Frances Day, PETULA CLARK.

26 September, 1943
Swindon, England
Harry Parry and his Rhythm Sextet, Johnny Day, Joan Shear, Cecil Newberry, and PETULA CLARK.
The Stage


23 May 1944
Regent Theatre
Chelmsford, Essex, England
Variety concert featuring: The Western Brothers, PETULA CLARK (Britain's youngest star of stage, screen, and radio--reportedly age 8, but actually age 11,) magician Ernest Sewell, tenor Walter Glynne, pianist Pamela Petchey, Alice Coty's Four Smart girls, Yvonne and Peter Stuart, Violinist G.V. Giddy and his wife and daughter, soprano Edna Proud.

4 June, 1944
London Casino
London, England
Variety Band Box From The Queenberry All-Services Club
Emcee: Frances Day,
'All girls lineup': Tessie O'Shea, PETULA CLARK, Peggy Desmond, A.T.S Dance Bank.
Broadcast live on BBC Radio with an audience.

24 Dec 1944
London Casino
London, England
Queensberry All-Services Club All-Star Variety Programme
Lineup: PETULA CLARK, Edmundo Ros And His Dance Orchestra, Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders, Peggy Desmond, Pat Frost


14 January, 1945
Winter Garden Theatre
London, England
Concert in aid of the Cadet Hall of the Hounslow Cadets.
Lineup: Phyllis Dixey, Len Young, Al Burnett, Talbot O'Farrell, PETULA CLARK, Benny Lee, The Ralph Sharon Trio and Edmundo Ros and his Rumba Band, Corps of Drums of the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Fusiliers.

18 March, 1945
Royal Albert Hall
London, England
Benefit for the National Fire Service Volunteers.
Cavalcade Of Stars: Vera Lynn, Nellie Wallace, PETULA CLARK.

24 June, 1945
Theatre Royal
Newcastle, England
Charity concert in aid of the National Fire Service.
Compere: Company Officer Graham Tennant.
Lineup: George Robey, Harry Welchman, and PETULA CLARK.

29 July, 1945
London Coliseum
London, England
Concert in aid of the Resettlement Fund of the Royal Armoured Corps Club.
Presented by Julia Golden
Lineup: Marie Burke, PETULA CLARK, Issy Bonn, Beryl Orde, Michael Howard, Harry Hemsley, Paddy O'Neal, Geraldine O'Brian, Reginald Burston's Coliseum Orchastra, Howard Lucraft and his music, with Denny Dennis and Edna Kaye and the band of the 12th Royal Lancers. Gaby Rogers with Sam Bogen assisted by Vera Howe.


3 March, 1946
Royal Albert Hall
London, England
Gala concert in aid of the National Fire Service Benevolent Fund. 13-yar old PETULA CLARk was 17th on the bill.

16 June, 1946
Vaudeville Theatre
London, England
Presented by the Green Room Rag Society. PETULA CLARK was fourth on the bill of this variety show that also featured such performers as comedian Peter Waring and opera singer Janet Hamilton Smith, in addition to short skits and an excerpt from Hamlet.

29 June, 1946
Stage Door Canteen
London, England
Compere: Harold Thackrah.
Lineup: Peter Waring, Ronnie Selbey, Kenito, Gerry Wilmot, John Clements, Kay Hammond, Sheila Sim, Richard Attenborough, Cyril Shane, Cliff Gordon, PETULA CLARK, Michael Wilding, Eddie Reindeer, Yale Bros., Greta Gynt, Eric Woodburn, Barbara Mullen, Eden Bros., Neal Arden, Hugh McDermott, Dorothy Dickson, and Glynis Johns.


26 October, 1947
London Coliseum
London, England
Concert presented by Flanagan & Allen in aid of the Brady Clubs & Settlement. Lineup: Max Bacon, Issy Bonn, PETULA CLARK, George Elrick, Flanagan & Allen, Charlie Kunz, Merek & Vyse, Val Merrill, Max & Harry Nisbitt, Donald Peers, Radio Revellers, Ethel Revnell, Shirl, Cyril Smith, Bernard Spear, Jill Summers, Albert Whelan. Orchestra under the director of Reg Burston.

[*Source: Petula Clark Archive - Warner / Hutton Collection.]

26 August, 1947
Grand Theatre
Brighton, England
PETULA CLARK, Will Hay, Jr,, Luke, Stan, and Andy, Helen Clare, Ivor Dennis. Dinx & Trixie Patson, Moore & Matton, Ian McLean, Douglas Maynard, Joy & Patrena.

      On Tuesday last week at the Grand Brighton, a little event took place which the audience enjoyed. Petula Clark, who is only 14, headed the bill. At the end of her successful second-house performance, Kate Carney, who was in the audience went back stage to congratulate her on "her marvellous performance," and the opportunity was taken to get Will Hay, Jr. to present Kate Carney and Petula Clark together on the stage. Thus the oldest favourite of the music halls (Kate Carney - 77) met the youngest, (Petula Clark - 14) and they did a number together.


23 February, 1948
Philharmonic Hall
Liverpool, England
Event featuring finalists from 15 towns.
Line up: Royal Marines Boand, The Shelagh Elliott Clark Dancers, and PETULA CLARK.

1 May, 1948
Bohemia Theatre
Broadstairs, England
Line up: Jack Warner, PETULA CLARK, Ethel Willmott, Denis Catlin, and the Thanet Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Captain L. P. Donne, MBE.

20 June, 1948
Palace Theatre
Ramsgate, England
Concert featuring PETULA CLARK.

19 October, 1948
Hammersmith Town Hall
London, England
Organised by Hammersmith Savings Committee and the Mayor of Hammersmith, this event welcomed PETULA CLARK to present prizes for the fancy-dress competition in addition to performing a small set of songs. Entertainment was also provided by Castro, the well-know magician and ventriloquist.

21 November, 1948
London, England
Gala performance in aid of the Greater London Fund for the Blind.
Compere: Peter Waring.
Lineup: Jimmy Edwards, Anne Shelton, Peter Cavanaugh, Helen Hill, Max Miller, Bill Kerr, PETULA CLARK, (accompanied on piano, perhaps, by Joe Henderson) Terry Thomas, Janet Hamilton Smith, and John Hargreaves.
Jack Warner closed the bill by singing a duet with Petula Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner.

18 - 23 April, 1949
Grand Theatre
Brighton, England
PETULA CLARK headlined a week long show which also featured Sam Browne and Mary Naylor twice nightly.

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